Build On Your Own Lot With Beacon

  • Many people looking to build a custom home already know where they want to live, and frequently have a lot purchased. In addition to the premier Charlotte communities where we are part of exclusive approved builder programs, Beacon Builders is happy to work with people looking to engage in a build on your own lot program (BOYL), because we want to serve all types of homeowners looking to make their dream of a luxury home a reality. 
  • ​We understand that where you live impacts how you live, and hope to serve you by building your dream home in your dream location. If you have purchased a lot in the Charlotte Area, or if you have an idea of where you want to buy a lot, and are ready to build a luxury home, Beacon Builders is proud to partner with you on your journey to owning your new home. As a truly custom home builder, we know that you deserve the beautiful new home of your dreams, in a location that you love as much as you love the home.
  • ​Beacon Builders’ commitment to homeowner satisfaction has given us the flexibility to work on BOYL projects around Charlotte. BOYL projects are special to Beacon Builders because it allows us to reach all types of home buyers looking for their new luxury home. We are proud that we can offer a 100% customized home building experience to our homeowners, and can build custom homes where our homeowners want to live, not limited by the location of community boundaries.

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