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When you start to look around for the right builder to construct your new luxury home, taking the time to be selective will save you time, money, and stress. Choosing the right builder for the scope of your custom home project can help ensure that the construction process is completed on time and on budget, while maintaining good relationships with your builder at the end of the build.

A custom home represents a substantial investment of money and time. As you start to research the custom home builders in the Charlotte Area, keeping an eye out for more details than just price and portfolio can save a great deal of hassle down the road. If a builder isn’t willing to listen to your needs before you sign any contracts, he certainly won’t listen to you once construction has begun- frequently resulting in wasted time, projects completed behind schedule, and aspects of your home not being completed the way you want. If a builder can’t ask you the right questions about what you want from your new home, you can sometimes end up with a project that you have to micro manage.


    Another important aspect of interviewing builders for your new home is to watch out for underbidding, and subpar craftsmanship. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous builders will intentionally underbid in initial meetings with potential homeowners, to increase sales. This practice ultimately results in unrealistic expectations by the homeowner about the true cost of their new home, and inevitably leads to projects that go over budget. The only way for a builder who undervalues the cost of a custom home to stay close to their budget is to cut corners. It can be heartbreaking for homeowners who believe that they are getting their luxury home at an unbeatable price, only to find out that aspects of their home have been poorly built, and that fixtures and features are low quality.

     Beacon Builders was founded with the hopes of eliminating these experiences from the process of building a luxury home. We know the luxury home you hope to build is the culmination of hard work and many hopes, and that you deserve to be treated fairly and with respect during its construction. We listen to what you need from your home and what you want in it. We help guide you through the design process, and strive to find innovative solutions to make building your new home more affordable, without sacrificing quality. We make sure we understand your vision for your home before we start construction, and give our homeowners realistic ideas of the cost of their home. Beacon Builders treats you the way we would like to be treated by a custom builder.

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